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contoh percakapan pemesanan kamar hotel


Receptionist : Good morning, Marcopolo Hotel. What can we help you?

Ny.Diana : Good morning, my Ny.Diana from West Jakarta, I'd like to book two rooms for the next week.

Receptionist : Excuse me madam, could you mention your name and spell it?

Ny.Diana : Oh yes. My name is Diana Sari, DIANA SARI.

Receptionist : Address your mistress?

Ny.Diana : my address at Jl. Soekarno - Hatta No.76 West Jakarta.

Receptionist : Berepa day you will live here?

Ny.Diana : I'll stay for three nights. How much should I pay?

Receptionist : You simply pay the amount of Rp 900.000, - at a price of Rp 300,000, - per night

Ny.Diana : Sorry, I wanted confirmation of the room I would use.

Receptionist : You will wear no room space .17 with the existing facilities, ie the room air conditioner, television, telephone, and WiFi.

Ny.Diana : Well I'll order 2 rooms for 3 nights. Receptionist: Thank you my lady waiting for your arrival at Marcopolo Hotel.Good morning.

Ny.Diana : Thank you.

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